Escape UnlimApps ++ dependency hell on Electra (iOS 11)

Installing Instagram++ on jailbroken iOS11 is no issue for most people, troublesome for some. Here is a guide on how to install UnlimApps on electra.

What you need:


  1. Open Chrome on your iOS device and download the required .debs: uasharedtools 2.2r-70 and Instagram++
  2. Open NewTerm 2 and enter the following:
    $ cd /var/mobile/Documents
    $ dpkg -i –ignore-depends=com.unlimapps.uasharedtools.virtual com.unlimapps.uasharedtools_2.2r-70_iphoneos-arm.deb
    $ dpkg -i com.unlimapps.gramplus_1.8r-210_iphoneos-arm.deb
  3. Open Cydia and add as a source.
  4. Upgrade uasharedtools and Instagram++.

This is a workaround and not a solution.